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OPW Engineered Systems Releases LQC Series Quick Couplings
OPW发布全新LQC Series Quick Couplings快速接头

By OPW | Apr 09, 2015

World's safest coupling prevents accidental disconnects for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications

OPW Engineered Systems, part of OPW's Fluid segment within Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV), has launched the LQC Series Transfer Loading Safety Quick Coupling under its Hiltap? brand. The patented design of the LQC ( Locking Quick Connect ) Series automatically prevents accidental disconnects when pressure is in the line. Plus, the LQC's advanced engineering and rugged durability allow the LQC to safely conect fluids for a wide range of temperatures and pressures – in-plant, through plant and out-of-plant.


"The LQC is going to replace the cam & groove coupling," said Dave Morrow, Director of Products for Engineered Systems. "The safety, speed, temperatures, pressures, number of applications – the LQC is probably the best product from Hiltap and maybe even OPW Engineered Systems."

Benefits of the Hiltap LQC Series by OPW Engineered Systems:

NO ACCIDENTAL DISCONNECTS不会意外断开 – Patented design prevents an operator from disconnecting when a minimum of 5 psi is in the line*
Simple Operation操作简单 – Connects and disconnects with a quarter turn by hand, no special tools required
Multi-Application Ready用户广泛 – Excels in the transfer of oil, LPG, lubricants, acids, paints, ammonia and more

The LQC is now available. For ordering information or to schedule a product demonstration, please contact OPW Engineered Systems. To view an animation of the LQC, visit our YouTube channel.


For more on OPW Engineered Systems, brands and products go to http://www.opw-es.com.

*Average minimum of 5 psi – minimum pressure to lock will vary by size


About OPW Engineered Systems:

OPW Engineered Systems is part of OPW, a global leader in fully integrated fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of critical petroleum-derived fluids from the refinery to the commercial and retail points of consumption, including loading systems, rail and transport tank truck equipment, tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems, valves and fittings, underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping, fuel dispensing products, including swivels, breakaways, industrial and automatic dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels, and clean energy fueling nozzles and accessories for LPG, Hydrogen and CNG. OPW also manufactures automated vehicle wash systems. OPW has 1650+ employees with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, Brazil, China and India and sales offices around the world. OPW is an operating company within the Fluids segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV). For more information on OPW, please visit www.opwglobal.com.


Hiltap RapidLOK家族产品的优点:

Hiltap系列快速接头的特点是具有创新性的可在高低压和温度应用条件下实现密封联接,并提供接头和产品的回收利用以及管线清洗技术。在过去的十年中,Hiltap和RapidLOK家族的产品已服务于全球许多行业,为条件非常苛刻和要求-为严格的应用案例提供了 安全的输送解决方案。

- 可安全排放残余压力。
- 采用“金属对金属”式的楔形密封设计,可重复使用。
- 防泄漏型操作。
- 可在广泛的温度和压力范围下工作
- 绝大多数规格的接头与管子直径无差异。
- 质量保证遵从ISO 9001-2000质量体系。
- 材料可以被追溯。
- 加拿大注册号码(CRN)。

这种全用途高性能的快速接头在条件和要求满足的情况下,由于管子直径无差异所以对输送的液体不会产生任何阻碍。可重复使用的密封组件是由不同金属制成,这些金属有着自己独特的硬度和温度特性,在温度发生变化时可进一步加强密封效果。套筒式固定环确保可以安全地排放残余压力。Hiltap品牌为客户提供第一线的解决方案 ,并允许设计工程师可以对联接的安全性和环境负责性作出规定。

For the Toughest High Low Temperature And Pressure Applications

The HILTAP Series features innovative high and low pressure and temperature sealing couplings, connectors and product recovery/pipeline cleaning technologies. For over a decade, HILTAP- and the RapidLOK- family of products have served global industries, providing safe transfer solutions for some of the most difficult and demanding liquid applications.


Hiltap Union Fittings由壬、活接头
- 3U Union Fittings
- 3IU Union Fittings
- 400 Series Union Fittings

Hiltap Transfer Quick Connections
- 3TL Transfer Quick Connector
Locking Quick Connections
- LQC Locking Quick Connect

Hiltap GJ Ground Joint Unions

Other Solutions
- SaVD-
- Burst Pups/Tubing Drains




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